One of India’s top ten comedians

- The Times Of India

The funniest I’ve seen on stage.

- Hrithik Roshan

Hilarious madness

- Deccan Chronicle

A real talent

- Abhishek Bachchan

Known to leave his audience in splits, makes them roll in laughter.

- DNA, Pune

One of the best three in the country.

- Society

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When he’s not prancing about like a unicorn, Sorabh can be booked for shows. Whether it’s a corporate event or a private show (ladies, please, one at a time), you can get in touch and he will do his best to oblige.

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Who The Pant?

Sorabh Pant is one of India’s best and most traveled comedians, having down 300+ shows in 17 cities in 3 years with his first comedy special, “Pant on Fire.” Though, in his defense, he did it only for the frequent flier miles. His second special, “Traveling Pants”, debuted at India’s premier comedy venue, The Comedy Store and will travel across the country and beyond shortly – if only to prove the truth in its title.

He’s also opened for Rob Schneider (You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, Deuce Bigalow) and Wayne Brady’s (Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Wayne Brady Show) India tour. Rob called him, “Fabulous. Just very loud, with jokes in the middle! Killed in every city.”  Wayne Brady said about Sorabh, “He’s the second brilliant Indian comedian I’ve seen, after Russell Peters.” 

He’s also toured Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangladesh and in 2012-13, will hit the shores of North America, and Singapore. Though, a back up tour with the aboriginal tribes of Papua New Guinea has not been discounted.

His material has been described as, “intelligent buffoonery”, “just really, really loud” and, “arbitrary screaming with jokes in the middle.” His comedy covers the sad tale behind the Taj Mahal, why Indian men are Gold medal winning Lechers and his great, grand love for chai.

Recently, he was voted the #1 Most Interesting Indian On Twitter by, a fact he will not shut up about!

Sorabh is also the founder of “The East India Co.medy”, ( India’s busiest comedy company that has over a 100 shows planned across 6 cities in the next year.

He also displayed the fact that he can read and write by releasing his debut novel, “The Wednesday Soul”, (Buy here:, a story about the afterlife; a world he has great experience in, having died on stage so often.

Pant In Action

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Pant Written

The Wednesday Soul – A Novel

By Sorabh Pant

Excerpt: “Nyra Dubey is dead.
Run over by a bus, she lies on a grey road, fuming inside, like the noxious fumes outside. The infamous vigilante—The Delhi Belle—reduced to an accident statistic? Surely, this was not her fate.” Read More »

Sorabh writes columns for Deccan Chronicle, Asian Age, Mandate; and has written pieces for Mid-Day, HT Brunch, Yuva, Man’s World, Noise Factory and numerous others.